Tuesday, 5 April 2011

MiSsEd thE LovELy TeaTer... :: Kg Boy ::

HyE EveRyboDy..
hoW's Life?
ToDay iS 5 ApRil 2011..
ngApain ngAn DaTe ni Ya?

n0ThinG !!
JuZ to ShaRe That i Dun havE a ChancE to WaTch  "KamPunG BoY" ShoW...

MesTi Syok !!
GuE senDiri gak pasTi naPe gue x SempaT or MenyemPatkan Diri to SeE this shoW..
ActuaLLy, I've ReminD mysELf noT to Miss This TeaTer...
STiLL xdE RezEki...
MaybE in a MattEr oF timE..

Jgn KaTe nAk g TeaTer je XsemPaT..
Nak Tgk moViE pon xSemPaT2..
bZ woMan..
or.. Maybe Xde Sape Nak AccompanY me..

LAT KamPunG Boy..
RaMai Ckp BesT !!!
MesTi beSt kan...
Da La HanS yg DiRecT the TeaTeR......
O00oooooWWwhhh mY hanS isAaC !!

SamPai Kan BeLiau niE pon Tgk Tau... ::
Ni hAaaaa...

Kagum Kan??
HoPefuLLy theRe is A SeconD chanCe for mE to WaTch thiS luvLy shoW..
aBg hanS... toLonG la Wat 2nD season.....

KamPunG boY.. o00oooo KamPunG Boy...
AaRRrgggHHhhhhhh Wat A WasTe Dun havE somEtimEs to WaTch this TeaTer !!


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