Monday, 22 August 2011

HiLmi HafizuDdin's BirThdaY II

HyE EveryOne...
HappY monDay..
MonDay is alwaYs be My LAZY DAY....

ComE baCk heRe to conTinuE my SayanG's BeDay StorY..
It Was veRy simpLe CeLebraTion...
VeRy2 LigHt..
No Big CakE..
No sPeciaL PreSenT..
All SimPle2 OnE buT niCe..

FriDay afTer OffiCe...
WenT to empiRe..
bought him a VeRy cuTe CakE..
and Went To choc woRLd to BuY somE choC form him..
As hE likE to Eat chocolaTe !!!

durinG IFTAR,
SaYe kuaKan Kek tu..
SakiT Jari kenA aPi LighTer SBB naK nyaLakan Lilin..
xKan nk MinX tolonG diA plAk Kan..

Nyanyi2 SikiT..
tiuP2 Lilin..
SnaP2 Pic..
HabiS la CeLebRation..
SayE RushinG naK g tuisYen..

EveRythinG goinG FinE..
"AlinG, BangLe ilanG'
his birThday presEnT Lost on his buRthDay..
WhaT to Do..
BuT the neCkLacE stiLL theRe..

maLam tu xDe ape Pon KiToranG Wat..
SayE tuisYen, Balik From tuiSyen Pon Xde g manE2..

My fianCe deMam..
Sedih SangaT tgk diA SakiT..
rIli CanT Take it..
Lebih baIk SayE yang SakiT DaRi tgk Dia SakiT..
keeP on SneeZing.. 
flu.. Cough.. PiTy him..
i TakE ubaT for him..
give him MedicinE afTer Food..

He is GeTTinG beTTer...
YeaaaYYy  !!!!!
I LovE u..

p/s : SayanG tamo SakiT2 lagi tau... Aling xSuke... naNti aLinG susA Ati... 
:(( Janji tau

LepaS my Sayang da Sehat...
baru la Senang sikit ati nie..
if not... tiDo pon x Lena..

hoPe Dat, Even my FianCe Demam a Day AfTer his birthDay, his 23 Birthday this year will be superb for him la...

DatS it for My fianCe's BirthDay stoRy...
enJoy The Pic Below ya....

TastY CakE

birThday CakE - 2011 (merah color jugak.. heee)


birThdaY boY is 23


HappY BirThDay SayanG !!

Okay GuyS...
Itu SajE foR his BirthDay this yeaR...
jumPe laGi nexT birth day --> 19 08 2012
Time tu.. Dah jadi husbanD of minE..

Love Ya !

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