Friday, 28 October 2011

Pink RoseS !!!!

Nothing Much to STory...

Got a CaLL From my RecepT..

She Told me..

------> Tilla, Ade FlowEr for U.... CanTik tau.. Turun La amEk !!!


SurPriSe On FridAy...

TaPi Xtau SaPe yg bg BunGa tu....


Love iT !!

To : whoeVer SenT me a Bouquet Of  PinK RoSes

ThanKs for the SurpriSe.. I likE it eveN tho i dun Like FloweRs.. buT ReaLLy makE my Day ChiLL.. :)

HaPPy FriDay ~~~~

Bukan GambaR sebEnar.. :p

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